Robert Courts has kept his Conservative seat in Witney.

The results were announced just after 3am.

Mr Courts received a similar amount of votes as in the 2017 General Election, with a total of 33,856 this year compared to his 33,839 two years ago.

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He said: "I remain committed to the issues that matter to local residents.

"It is a massive honour to be voted in to the area that I love."

Voter turnout was marginally lower than 2017 too, with a 73.5 per cent turnout this year, compared to the 73.6 per cent in 2017.

Mr Courts thanked his parents, wife and children and said: "I will do my best to get out and about and listen to the people of Witney.

"It's a huge honour to make a difference and it's incredible to be re-elected."

Witney Gazette:

Pic: Ed Nix

Rosa Bolger, the Labour and Co-Operative candidate, said: "We've had an incredible campaign, although it's very clear what the national picture is.

"The national picture played its part and this election ended up being about Brexit.

"I would like to offer a huge thanks you to everyone who helped tonight and those who voted locally."

Ian Galletley, Mr Courts' agent and a veteran of over fifty years of elections, said: "A seat like this is a dream for me having spent 30 years in the North East.

"It's a new experience for me to take part in a marginal seat.

"I'm very much looking forward to working with Robert and I'm very impressed by his work rate.

"I cannot fault his dedication, he's the most considerate man. 

"He's knocked on thousands of doors."

Prior to the announcement of the result, James Mills, the Conservative leader of West Oxfordshire District Council, was in high spirits following the exit polls announcements.

He said: "The exit polls look good for the Conservatives but these things can go both ways."

Charlotte Hoagland came second in the polls to Mr Courts and said that it was "an honour that the party have placed their trust in me."

Nick Hoagland, Mrs Hoagland's husband said he was "proud" of what his wife had achieved to be the strongest Remain candidate.

He said: "Lots of hard work has been done, we've had a lot of support."


  • Robert Courts, CON: 33,856 - ELECTED
  • Charlotte Hoagland, LIB DEM: 18, 679
  • Rosa Bolger, LABOUR: 8770
  • 61,697 ballot papers issued; 392 ballot papers rejected
  • Turnout in Witney was 73.5 per cent, which is about the same as in 2017