Do you remember Oxfordshire's biggest lockdown moments?

This week marks six months from the date Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced national lockdown and what better way to look back than to remember some of the most outrageous stories.

When the Prime Minister declared Britain was going into lockdown on Sunday, March 22, who knew what mayhem was in store.

Here are five of the most memorable moments of lockdown in Oxfordshire:

1. When Thames Water had to remind people to only flush loo roll down the toilet

Witney Gazette:

As toilet-roll-gate gripped Britain at the start of lockdown, people were struggling to get their hands on the vital daily necessity.

Supermarkets across the nation warned they were running out of toilet paper and we were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see if we’d run out for good.

Amid the potential chaos, Thames Water was there to be a voice of reason and warned us that wipes and other ‘unflushables’ don’t break down in the pipes and could lead to major sewage blockages.

2. Appreciating our wonderful frontline workers to mark the NHS 72nd birthday

Witney Gazette:

The John Radcliffe Hospital was lit up to thank the NHS. Picture: OUH

Clap for our carers ran for 10 weeks during the height of lockdown and saw us all stand outside our homes or clap out the windows on Thursdays at 8pm.

On July 5, the initiative returned to mark the 72nd anniversary of our NHS.

To mark the occasion The Radcliffe Orchestra, made up of healthcare workers in Oxfordshire, put on an extra special performance of ‘Nimrod’ by Edward Elgar to celebrate.

3. The Charlgrove singer that put on concerts for his neighbours

Witney Gazette:

Steve Askew, from Chalgrove, set up his microphone and speakers every Sunday evening to put on a show - singing classic crowd-pleasers from the '60s and '70s. 

His partner, Caz Bowen broadcast the live shows so her friends and family in Canada, the USA, Japan, and Australia could listen in.

The Oxfordshire legend recieved gifts of champagne, wine and homemade shortbread as sweet thank you’s from those watching from their homes or listening in from their gardens. 

4. The bundles of joy that made us all smile during lockdown

Witney Gazette:

Amid the misery of the pandemic and the potential loneliness of lockdown, the news stories that made many of us smile were the tales of babies born during the pandemic.

When times were tough and it seemed that we were stuck in a dystopian world, there was nothing quite like seeing fresh new life blooming.

Although the gorgeous bundles of joy could not be shown off in the ‘normal’ way to friends and family, the county enjoyed seeing the charming newborns across The Mail.

5. When the Oxford Mail’s very own Erin Lyons asked Boris Johnson why Dominic Cummings could travel but no one else could

Witney Gazette:

Do you remember during the peak of lockdown when chief aide Dominic Cummings travelled 260 miles from London to Durham whilst unwell with the coronavirus?

As the nation raged over the audacity of such an act, whilst we were all told to stay at home, Erin Lyons was able to question Boris Johnson during the daily conference.

Erin’s question related to a tweet from Oxford University Hospital Trust anaesthetist Chris Gough, who asked why, when he was ill with coronavirus he had to stay at home with his four-month-old child when the same rule did not apply to Cummings.

Have we missed your favourite lockdown moment? Let us know in the comments.