A BAN on evicting tenants from their rented homes has ended today.

The eviction ban was put in place by the government to stop people being ejected from rented properties during the lockdown.

A reprieve was given to renters in England at the end of August, when the ban was meant to be lifted and the end was extended until today (September 20).

But landlords will not be able to kick out tenants instantly now the ban has ended, as the Government has made sure that renters should have a six-month notice period in all but the most serious cases.

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This means that  people will be able to live in their rented homes until at least March if their landlord gives them notice.

In other parts of the UK, more long term measures have been taken to stop people being evicted from their homes as the pandemic continues.

Scotland has continued the eviction ban until next year, while Wales has introduced new tenants rights into law in the last few months.

There were vocal protests ahead of the ban's original end date on August 24, including outside Oxford's magistrates court.

One group of tenants thought the end of the ban would result in mass evictions

Directors of the National Residential Landlords Association, Ben Beadle, said the organisation welcomed the end of the ban, but added its members would 'work with their tenants to sustain tenancies wherever possible'.

He added: "Government should follow the example of Scotland and Wales and develop a stronger financial package to help tenants to pay off rent arrears built since the lockdown started."