A CHARITY which offers bespoke technology to people with physical disabilities is set to get a cash boost from a virtual walk.

SpecialEffect in Charlbury will benefit from the team at legal practice Moorcrofts, which will be participating in a 46-mile route.

The walk will coincide with SpecialEffect’s ‘One Special Day’, and will cover the distance between Moorcrofts’ office in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and its charity partner, SpecialEffect’s office in Charlbury.

The route will be divided into 10 sections with a member of the team walking approximately five miles each.

Every year on ‘One Special Day’, this year on Friday, October 2, the charity invites partners to donate sales revenue and host virtual events, promotions and live streams, with the aim of raising £250,000 to support the charity in its work.

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Last year, over 50 games industry companies worldwide took part, and since its inception in 2016, the campaign has raised over £1 million.

Julia Ferguson, head of Moorcrofts’ charity committee, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has meant that other planned face-to-face charity events have had to be cancelled so we are pleased to be able to continue to support SpecialEffect in this way.

“The whole team is very excited about getting to the starting line for their part of the virtual walk.

“Our aim is to complete the challenge by October 2 and support SpecialEffect in its ‘One Special Day’ campaign.”

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SpecialEffect offers bespoke technology to enable people with physical disabilities to play video games.

The charity uses technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, and as it doesn’t charge for any of its services, it relies entirely on voluntary income.

The charity has a team of both occupational therapists and technologists who aim to have a positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation for its users.