VISITORS to a museum will be able to board a more Covid-19 friendly bus after it reopens this weekend.

The Oxford Bus Museum in Long Hanborough will be reopening its doors on Sunday and older buses will be used for some historic bus rides.

The museum explained that older buses had windows at the front as well as the sides, allowing air to be sucked into the bus as it drove along.

The buses had open rear platforms, meaning they had no doors, and windows on both the top and lower deck. This meant more fresh air circulated around the bus.

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However, today’s buses are designed to reduce air resistance and hence cut fuel consumption.

Windows that open are only at the sides and doors close while the bus is in motion, while air conditioning recirculates air and germs.

Frank Collingwood, a trustee at the museum, said: “We learnt a lot during our brief opening in October about encouraging visitors to maintain social distancing, where to put additional hand sanitising stations and how to keep everyone Covid-safe.

“The museums are in large airy buildings with plenty of space, so we have been able to introduce one-way routes to keep visitors apart.”

The bus rides will take place on December 13 and 20, and New Year’s Day.