One of the longest established art galleries in the Cotswolds is currently showing a retrospective exhibition of watercolours by Brian Sinfield who founded it nearly 50 years ago.

Mr Sinfield, 80, who describes himself as a ‘Sunday painter’, founded the self-titled gallery in Burford in 1972.

He has created around 60 paintings for the show which, he said, "seldom relate to any place or scene, but a number loosely depict the mountains and lochs of the Scottish Highlands, an area to which I have a particular attachment".

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Mr Sinfield explained: “They are responses to the landscape, sometimes taken from memory, sometimes from sketches, sometimes from my imagination. They cover a period of several years.

“Skies play a major part in these compositions, often setting the tone of the finished picture. Occasionally, I apply a number of washes - up to five - to achieve what I am after.

"Rain, storm, summer showers, warm summer days and moonlight, all play their part in capturing that essential element, mood.”

Mr Sinfield, who lives near Milton under Wychwood, said watercolour is a wonderful medium and continually challenging to the artist.

“In its purest form it offers transparency, and its natural tendency to flow can be manipulated to produce beautiful effects," he said.

“In its more opaque form subtle tones are possible, giving depth and calmness to a picture."

He added: "If they give others half the pleasure they have given this 'Sunday painter' in their production, then I feel I have achieved something.”

Mr Sinfield was initially a dealer in Victorian watercolours but several years after founding the gallery started to exhibit more contemporary artists.

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It is now considered to be among the prestigious exhibition spaces outside London for contemporary artists, specialising in 20th century traditional and semi-abstract work by mainly British artists.

It also holds some sculpture, mainly bronze.

Painters the gallery represents include Saied Dai RP NEAC, Charlotte Sorapure NEAC, Andrew Hemingway, Dr P J Crook MBE RWA MAFA FRSA, Antony Williams NEAC RP RS, Elsa Taylor, Peter Brown NEAC, Robbie Wraith RP, Richard Adams and Vanessa Cooper.

Director Miranda Marks said: “We are so proud to be holding this exhibition of beautiful watercolours by Brian. They are a delight, as is he!”

She added: “Brian still continues to have a lovely relationship with the gallery and customers alike. This will be his third exhibition, the last two being very successful. It’s very unique to find a gallery owner/art dealer that is also an accomplished artist.”

The gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 9.30am – 5pm (appointments available outside these hours) and the exhibition runs until May 29.

You can buy at the website and view a digital copy of the catalogue at: