The reopened and completely refurbished Witney and District Museum is desperate for new volunteers who are vital to keeping it open.

Organiser Kath Wondrak said: “We are on our knees with the handful who are just about keeping the museum running but are desperate for more. Most of our volunteers are well over 70 and 80 in some cases and as a result of Covid and just general health reasons can no longer do volunteer duties.”

However, the lockdown and prolonged closure of the museum, which shows visitors the rich history of Witney and the local area, did allow for a complete refurbishment.

Ms Wondrak said: “We now feature items from the local brewing and glove industry. The education and religious aspects of Witney are still featured.

Witney Gazette: Beatles 1960’s Blanket

“We have extended our exhibition, 350 Years of the Blanket Story, in the upstairs Bartlett Taylor Gallery and have the addition of a recreation of a Coat with Ribbons which was made by millworkers, who were about to get married.”

As with most charities, volunteers form the central workforce of the organisation and give their time to helping in a variety of ways from being on the front desk greeting visitors to odd jobs such as painting and keeping the museum clean and tidy.

Ms Wondrak said: “Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer will join a friendly group of people all dedicated to keeping the rich history of Witney alive.”

Call 01993 775915 or email