ENVIRONMENTAL pupils held a climate youth summit and put together plans for what their ideal green school would look like.

The event was put together by the Eynsham Partnership Academy, a trust which oversees eight Oxfordshire schools.

Inspired by the COP26 summit, students and staff took to Eynsham Village Hall and discussed potential climate and biodiversity actions that could be adopted in the trust’s schools.

Following a variety of presentations, mixed groups of sixth formers and Year 5s collaborated to think of what their ideal climate friendly school would look like.

Witney Gazette: Picture supplied by Eynsham Partnership AcademyPicture supplied by Eynsham Partnership Academy

The groups discussed topics such as the school site, what is consumed (food, energy, supplies), how students commute to school, and the impact of climate challenges on pupils and staff.

Students then compared this ideal with their current schools, before developing a manifesto which was presented to headteachers and governors.

To finish the day, pupils from each school presented their headteacher with a buddleia plant, to take back to their schools in order to attract butterflies and other wildlife.

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