The former Prime Minister David Cameron has delivered a 'small lorry' of supplies to Ukrainian refugees. 

The ex-Witney MP joined Labour town Councillor Rizvana Poole who runs the Chippy Larder, a community food hub in Chipping Norton to undertake a 1000 mile road trip to deliver supplies to the Red Cross in Poland. 

The donations were put together by the Oxford community and ranged from 'nappies to sanitary products, warm clothes to first aid kits' according to Mr Cameron who tweeted updates on their journey. 

The pair, who left on Friday made it home on Monday, had to overcome a tyre blowing out on the motorway putting the schedule back half a day. 

Mr Cameron said: "So nearly 1,000 miles covered, over 20 hours of driving, and one successful delivery made.

"Thank you to everyone involved. To Rizvana and the Chippy Larder for organising. To Bruern Farms for all their hard work and support. And, especially, to those in and near Chipping Norton who donated so generously. Now for the long drive back…!"

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