OXFORDSHIRE’S director of public health says people should remain at home if unwell, amid a rise in Covid cases.

As the number of people testing positive for coronavirus double what they were prior to restrictions lifting last month, Ansaf Azhar said people in the county feeling unwell should reduce contacts.

However, from tomorrow, the Government will no longer advise people who test positive to stay at home.

Meanwhile, free testing for the general public also ends tomorrow – as part of the Government’s Living with Covid plan, which last month set out the strategy to live with and manage the virus.

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Mr Azhar, corporate director of public health and wellbeing at Oxfordshire County Council, said: “As society has continued to get back to normal, Covid cases have risen throughout the country and Oxfordshire has followed that trend.

“It has largely been due to the BA.2 variant, a version of Omicron that’s more transmissible but isn’t leading to worse outcomes, and the rise in cases does now appear to be slowing.

“If you are unwell, please stay home if you can and reduce contacts, and there are still many simple things you can do to reduce your chance of becoming unwell and of passing on to others.

“These include ventilation of rooms, washing hands, and wearing masks in crowded settings.

“We encourage everyone eligible for a vaccine to come forward and accept that offer.”

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