A schoolgirl designed her own dream-y bedroom and had her ideas brought to life at a new show home.

Abi Hick, 12, was inspired by clouds and featured a hot air balloon rising into the air.

Abi’s mother, Lucy Venables, said: “Abi’s initial inspiration for her design was clouds and how they link to dreams.

"She thought it would be nice for the child who chooses this bedroom to imagine themselves floating in the clouds in a hot air balloon while they’re going to sleep."

She added: “Abi was thrilled to have won and has loved seeing her ideas come to life.”

Abi, who is now a student at Cokethorpe School in Witney, won an interior design competition held by developer David Wilson Homes.

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The creative competition saw pupils from St Gabriel’s School in Newbury creating bedroom designs suitable for a modern show home.

Abi won first prize of an art set and a £50 book voucher.

Witney Gazette:

Her design was also used in one of the bedrooms at a David Wilson show home in Newbury in Berkshire.

Rob Allen, sales director at David Wilson Homes Southern, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to announce Abi as the winner of our interior design competition.

“Her striking design provided the perfect inspiration to create a beautiful and unique children’s bedroom for visitors and house hunters to enjoy."