The new leader and administration at West Oxfordshire District Council was voted in today.

Following the local elections the council went to no overall control.

The Tories dropped from 27 seats to 20 overall with the Liberal Democrats moving from 10 to 15.

Labour have nine, the Greens have two and there are three independent councillors, none of whom were involved in this year’s elections, in West Oxfordshire.

The Liberal Democrat, Labour and Green groups agreed to form a coalition to be called the West Oxfordshire Alliance.

The new leader is Andy Graham and the deputy leader Duncan Enright, who will also take on the economic development portfolio.

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Mr Graham said: “We will be starting work straight away with officers to set the priorities for this administration and deliver on behalf of all the residents, communities and businesses across West Oxfordshire. 

“We have already agreed on the areas we will be focussing on which include tackling the climate emergency, improving health and wellbeing, keeping our rivers clean, improving local democracy, helping the local economy, tackling inequality and creating the right Local Plan for our communities.

“I am confident that together we will be able to achieve great things for the area we all love while also providing the council services we all expect.”

Councillor Julian Cooper was elected as chair for the next 12 months.