A woman had an emotional reunion with her purse - which holds great sentimental value - nearly a year after it went missing.

Sarah Hodgson, from Madeley Park, Witney, left her purse on a West Oxfordshire Community Transport bus in October last year.

The purse was missing for 40 weeks before it mysteriously reappeared on a another West Oxfordshire Community Transport this month.

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It was found on the 214 Witney Weaver bus by driver John Pruden, with £10 inside and all of Ms Hodgson’s now-cancelled bank cards untouched.

Following the discovery, operations manager Andrew Lyon contacted Ms Hodgson with the good news and arranged for it to be dropped off by driver Adam Lethbridge on July 11, who was serving the Madeley Park route that day.

Mr Lethbridge, who lives in Carterton, said: “She was quite emotional. She was really very happy to get it back so it meant a lot to her.”

The 61-year-old added: “Nothing was missing after nearly a year and it was definitely a case of better late than never.”


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