World-famous farmer Kaleb Cooper will be signing his new book for fans in Chipping Norton.

The World According to Kaleb is the Clarkson’s Farm fan favourite's worldly wisdom on life’s big issues, from the difference between straw and hay to the importance of having a perm.

He will be signing it at his favourite local bookshop.

Kaleb said: “I would never have dreamed I would have read a book - let alone written one - and I couldn’t think of anywhere more that I would like to officially launch it at Jaffé and Neale.

"My dad helped build the bookshelves in the shop - so it really means a lot to me." 

Witney Gazette:

Kaleb will also be giving the first person in the queue a special first edition of the book, which he'll be taking with him when he drives around in his tractor in the run-up to the event. 

“Everyone knows, I live my life in my tractor and the very first finished copy I receive is going to travel with me everywhere I go until the signing," he said.

"I’ll be delivering it on the morning of the signing to Jaffé and Neale and that copy will be a gift to the first person in the queue. Although, I can’t guarantee it will be in perfect condition after a couple of weeks farming with me!”

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Kaleb Cooper has strong views on lots of things: sheep (‘stupid’), Jeremy Clarkson (‘f***ing idiot’), goats (‘they’re a proper good clear-up animal, they eat everything – no wonder they taste horrible’), New York (‘if it’s like London, where there are no tractors, that’s no good’) and more. 

In The World According to Kaleb, he even tells us why the chicken crossed the road.

Kaleb, who was born and bred in Chippy, shot to fame on the hugely successful television series, one of the most-watched on television in 2021 with over 4 million viewers.

Kaleb, 24, has been working in farming since he was at Chipping Norton School.

He studied agriculture at Moreton Morrell College and likes collecting tractors and cars. 

A farming contractor, he taught Jeremy Clarkson 'tractoring' and has become a much-loved double act with Jeremy in all eight episodes of the Prime Video series.

  • Kaleb’s book signing will take place on Saturday October 15 at 2.30pm at Jaffé & Neale bookshop, 1 Middle Row, Chipping Norton. For details on how to book tickets visit or call the shop.

The World According to Kaleb is published by Quercus, in hardback, ebook & audio 13 October 2022. Hardback £16.99.



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