Jeremy Clarkson's plans for an expansion of his Diddly Squat farm have been hijacked by supporters amid a controversial decision by local council planning officials. 

It comes as the presenter continues his ongoing row with West Oxfordshire District Council after his plans to create 60 new parking spaces were rejected. 

The council said their decision to turn down the expansion was because the farm was becoming a "tourist attraction" and could lead to a "harmful impact" on the Costwolds area of outstanding natural beauty. 

But last month, Clarkson placed an appeal sharing that the parking was "vital" after he expects that people will continue to arrive in "great numbers".

It's said his appeal comes ahead of the second series of his popular show, Clarson's Farm on Amazon Prime. 

Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat expansion hijacked 

But now, local residents have been seen flooding the Government planning ombudsman who are supporting the expansion. 

An analysis by The Telegraph has found that out of the 65 responses, three in five were in support whilst 40% were opposed. 

One local, Jill Fox told inspectors that it "seems like a vendetta against him” adding that the presenter is "diversifying in this way is exactly what the Government suggests farmers should do”.

Many fellow supporters from local businesses have said that the expansion would be greatly helpful, amid Diddly Sqaut's farm shop offering local suppliers a selling space along with "putting the area on the map".

But, West Oxfordshire District Council argued that Clarkson had breached planning conditions by expansion in a way that "far exceeds what would arise from a bona fide farm shop”.

The local council said that visitors could "get better views" elsewhere, to which Clarkson shared he had been barred from selling his own books in the farm shop. 

The initial planning application for the extra parking and new buildings saw 58% of 73 responses in support of the farm.