Jeremy Clarkson has received criticism from the Badger Trust over "ill-informed and dangerous" comments made about badgers during an episode of Clarkson's Farm.

The second series of the Amazon Prime Video show began streaming on Friday, February 10th and issue was taken with comments made in the fourth episode.

The topic came up as Clarkson was told his cows were in danger of contracting tuberculosis due to their being badgers on the farm.

He decides to resolve the issue by killing the animals, and suggests that badgers should be shot, gassed, run over, or even “hit over the head with a hammer”.

He is informed that such actions would be illegal.

What did the Badger Trust say in response to this?

In a post on their website the Badger Trust felt it necessary to "counteract the characterisation of badgers portrayed in the programme."

They said: "Badger Trust refutes claims made as outlandish, ill-informed and dangerous."

Later on in the article they add: "The episode, which focuses on Clarkson’s attempts to protect his new cattle herd from bovine tuberculosis, is directed in a way that portrays badgers as disease-ridden, unfairly protected, and the nemesis of cattle and cattle farmers.

"Cartoon images falsely portray badgers surrounding the herd from every angle, and one of Jeremy Clarkson’s farming advisors explains that the badgers cannot be culled like other wildlife.

"The misguided advisor then goes on to falsely explain that the badger's protected status is unnecessary, claiming it was introduced in the 1980s to protect badgers from badger baiting, an activity that is “not a problem anymore”."

Witney Gazette: The Badger Trust said that badgers are very rarely the cause behind TB in cowsThe Badger Trust said that badgers are very rarely the cause behind TB in cows (Image: Canva)

The Badger Trust addressed claims in the episode, and stated that TB outbreaks among cows are very rarely the cause of badgers, with factors such as "poor biosecurity, including poorly regulated cattle movement, and outdated, unreliable cattle testing" being the main causes.

The local Oxfordshire Badger Group also criticised the show, tweeting: "Hi @JeremyClarkson. We are your local badger group. We have good relationships with local landowners and farmers and work with them.

"Your article is misinformed and its disappointing you chose to air the anti badger rhetoric without consulting us. Our door is always open."