Jeremy Clarkson has lodged two appeals against the West Oxfordshire District Council in relation to his Diddly Squat Farm.

Planning permission was rejected for an extension to the car park at the farm as well as for a restaurant to operate on the site.

This comes following scenes featured in the second series of Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime Video that showed the former Top Gear star clashing with the council.

In the episode, Clarkson storms out of a council meeting after numerous councillors voted against the planning permission being granted.

Diddly Squat Farm is located in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which means it is subject to tighter planning restrictions than other areas of the country.

Liam Walker, who is a Conservative member of the Oxfordshire County Council, approved Clarkson appealing against the decision.

He tweeted: "All is not over yet… @JeremyClarkson has lodged an appeal against West Oxfordshire District Council for both farm shop car park extension & the enforcement notice for opening a restaurant without planning. The planning inspector will conduct the hearing in March."

In a response to someone saying they hoped Clarkson won, he said: "100%! Local councils need to understand and appreciate farming has significantly changed for many reasons and the planning rules need to also change to allow them to diversify quickly. Farmers right across the country deserve our support."

What did the council say at the time about rejecting planning permission for Clarkson's Farm?

The council said in a statement: “We understand that the planning process shown in season two of Clarkson’s Farm can seem obstructive and that people will be confused by the planning decisions at Diddly Squat Farm

“As with any other planning authority, we have a legal responsibility to make sure that planning laws and policies are followed correctly by everyone to manage development and protect local communities and the environment.

“This is regardless of who they are and we treat Diddly Squat Farm no differently.”