The creator of the world’s fastest shed visited Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm – but was unable to find a place to park.

Kevin Nicks took his motorised shed - which has broken the world land speed record for sheds three times - to the farm shop on Thursday.

When he arrived, he found cars parked on the side of the road and described the situation as “chaos.”

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There has been huge interest in the farm shop since it re-opened last month, and recent videos have shown visitors leaving their cars on the side of a main road. 

Planning permission for an extension to the car park at Diddly Squat was refused by West Oxfordshire District Council in May 2022.

Earlier this month, a planning appeal hearing was held over the issue, with a decision yet to be made.

Mr Nicks decided to visit the farm shop in his motorised shed, which he created in 2015 from a broken-down Volkswagen Passat, when friends came to visit

He said: “Friends had called in to see me and wanted to go down and I said it would be busy but we can go down.

 “It was impossible. There were cars all down the side of the road. It was raining sideways which didn’t help. The verge had just become a total mess.

"We just drove past and didn’t stop or anything. My friend said after, ‘well, at least we have seen it.'

Mr Nicks, from Chipping Norton, said he never normally had issues parking the vehicle but was unable to find a suitable space.

He said: “It’s the same size as a normal car. It’s the width of a van. It will fit in a normal parking space.

“You just have to be aware if someone’s parked right on the line, it means you probably won’t be able to get out that door. But that’s no different to other cars, like a Range Rover.

“It’s all an optical illusion that it looks enormous because it isn’t.”

Mr Nicks claimed the problem showed the district council should approve the car park extension to Diddly Squat Farm.

A council statement said: “To try and help solve the parking problems at Diddly Squat Farm, in a recent meeting with Mr Clarkson we discussed the possibility of Diddly Squat Farm making an application for temporary planning permission for a car park in an alternative location which we felt might have been supported by the Council.

“Diddly Squat Farm operated for a large part of 2021 and 2022 outside the planning permissions granted - as seen in Clarkson’s Farm.

“The Council gave advice to try and solve the issues in a constructive way but unfortunately, this advice was not followed.”