A suspected Porsche thief was caught after he being spied on doorbell video footage.

The suspect behind the theft of the luxury car from its owner's driveway in Woodstock was caught by police after being recognised speeding past in a Mazda.

Police believed they had lost the suspect after they searched the area outside a Woodstock house and found no trace of the owner's car.

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When checking the area, police spotted a Mazda close by, but it was unattended and there were no initial concerns.

After all checks had been completed, the Mazda drove past officers on the road.

Only five minutes later, the police received a still image of the driver from the house's doorbell footage and the police officer instantly recognised that the picture was a match for the driver of the Mazda.

Police said the driver nearly hit pedestrians and children as he dangerously sped through Woodstock at high speed.

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When he hit the A44, he saw the police's Volvo in his mirror and tried to evade being caught.

More officers came to assist, and tactically boxed the vehicle in.

The driver was said to have been in possession of gloves, tools and suspected stolen property.

The already wanted man was arrested on suspicion of burglary, dangerous driving, disqualified driving, not having insurance and for driving under the influence of drugs.