A cat is still looking for a new home after more than 100 days at a rescue centre because he keeps being overlooked for looking "too grumpy".

Nine-year-old Flash was discovered as a stray but has had little interest from potential new owners due to his age and "glum demeanour".

It is believed he had been living on the streets for seven years being fed by locals after his previous owner left the country.

Staff at the Blue Cross' rehoming centre in Burford, Oxon, believe Flash is just misunderstood after being branded the "grumpiest cat in Oxfordshire".

Elisha Webber, an animal welfare assistant at Blue Cross, said: "He's a sweet boy and quite a character and we've all fallen in love with him.

"He's definitely a cat who prefers human company rather than a lapcat.

"He's coming on leaps and bounds in cattery now, he's very inquisitive and enjoys watching and being around other cats.

"He still struggles to trust people and his temperament is 'I'm ok being in your presence, but don't touch me'.

"As his history is pretty unknown we're looking for a specific home for him, ideally a farm or yard-type home with a heated outhouse or similar.

"We'll need his owners to still care and feed for him and allow him access to their home if he likes."

Anyone wishing to provide Flash with the home he needs can visit bluecross.org.uk for more details.