From a van-driving pervert to a prisoner who flung poo and urine at a guard - here are some of the criminals jailed at Oxford Crown Court in May.

Aaron Duffy, 28

Witney Gazette: Aaron Duffy has a tattoo of a love heart beneath his eye Picture: Thames Valley Police

Aaron Duffy, 28, was jailed for 18 months after he was spotted by a bus passenger performing a sex act on himself while he drove by in his van.

The passenger, who was seated on the bottom deck of an X3 bus on the Southern bypass at 6am on May 9, noticed a man in a passing van ‘naked from the waist down.’

At one point, he was said to have looked directly at the woman watching horrified from the bus.

The woman noted the van’s registration which led police to Duffy.

Issuing the sentence at Oxford Crown Court on May 22, Judge Maria Lamb told Duffy: “You are the author of your own misfortune.”

After he was sentenced, Duffy made a plea for mercy from the dock and said: “I clearly need help.”


William Swandle, 66

Witney Gazette: William Swandle was jailed for eight years Picture: Thames Valley Police

A paedophile hung his head in shame as his victim’s mother described his sick offending as ‘a mother’s worst nightmare’.

William Swandle, 66, was responsible for molesting a primary school-aged girl over some nine months from April 2022 until January this year.

When he was confronted by the girl’s mother, and later police, he attempted to shift the blame onto the victim.

The victim’s mother broke down as she told Oxford Crown Court: ““I feel so guilty. Why did I not see what was happening? How did I not notice it?”

Jailing the 66-year-old for eight years on May 25, Judge Maria Lamb said: “She should not [blame] herself. That is the evil of what you have done.”

Defending, Julian Lynch accepted there was little he could say for his client by way of mitigation aside from his lack of previous convictions and his early guilty pleas.


Ben Dixon, 25

Witney Gazette: Ben Dixon's police mugshot Picture: Oxford Mail

A jealous boyfriend threatened to burn down his girlfriend’s house as he became convinced there was another man in her home.

Ben Dixon, 25 sent abusive messages to his girlfriend’s phone over a matter of days last September.

They alleged – falsely – that there was another man in her home. Dixon threatened: “I’ll stab him in his f***ing face.”

He said he would burn the woman’s flat down. He added: “You don’t deserve kids. You don’t deserve f*** all.”

Mitigating, Christopher Pembridge said Dixon felt regret for sending the messages.

Jailing him for 22 months, Recorder John Bate-Williams described the abuse the woman received as ‘disgusting and vile’.


Godwin Dayoni, 21

Witney Gazette: Godwin Dayoni Picture: TVP

A prison inmate threw a bowl of poo and urine at a prison officer a day before he was due to be released.

Godwin Dayoni, then 18, was told to ‘pot’ the HMP Bullingdon officer on July 12, 2021 by a group of older prisoners on his wing despite holding no grievances against the guard.

Cameras filmed him walking with a washing-up bowl filled with the vile mixture to an office in the Bicester prison.

He threw the mixture at the guard inside, with some of the mixture ending up in his eyes and mouth.

Dayoni was released a day later.

Just weeks earlier, he was handed a two year suspended jail sentence for three robberies committed in August 2020.

Dayoni, now 21, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years at Oxford Crown Court on May 12.

In mitigation, it was said Dayoni had come under pressure from older prisoners to carry out the assault.


Joseph Fay, 66

Witney Gazette: Joseph Fay Picture: TVP

A child rapist who sexually abused a young girl in the 1980s was jailed for 15 years.

Joseph Fay, 66, subjected his young victim to repeated sexual assaults - against a background of bullying violence.

In her interviews with the police the victim described being beaten with a belt and had her head held underwater.

Fay’s barrister, Jane Carpenter, asked Judge Maria Lamb to bear in mind the defendant’s poor health in her sentencing.

As well as the 15-year sentence, Fay will also be subject to an extended year on licence as a ‘sex offender of particular concern’, having been convicted of the sexual offences against the child.


Barry O’Loughlin, 46

Witney Gazette: Barry O'Loughlin's police mugshot Picture: Thames Valley Police

Almost 30g of cocaine, 42g of heroin and another 3.6g of crack cocaine were found during a police raid of Barry O’Loughlin’s home on February 28.

Officers also discovered white powder residue on a razor blade, grey plate and spoon, and traces of cocaine on electronic scales.

A samurai sword was also found at the 46-year-old’s house - at which children were also living.

Sending him to prison for two-and-a-half years, Judge Lamb described the drugs trade in which O’Loughlin was involved as ‘pernicious’.

In mitigation, it was noted that O'Loughlin had no previous convictions for drugs, was ‘hard-working’ and was supported in court by friends and family.