The speed limits on main roads through villages in the Banbury area are set to be reduced to 20mph.

This is part of a wider plan by Oxfordshire County Council to make roads safer and ease pollution.

But the new limits are only being introduced in areas where there is local support.

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The A422 at Wroxton, the A44 in Chipping Norton and Enstone, the A361 through South Newington and the A4260 through Bodicote, Adderbury and Deddington will all turn to 20mph.

This will be a reduction from the current speed limits of 30mph.

The new measures are all due to go live before March next year.

It is not just the main roads which will turn to 20mph but all roads in the parishes will be subject to the new restrictions.

The new restrictions will be legally enforceable.

But the county council has confirmed that they will not benefit financially from speeding fines under the new limits.

Some villages in the Banbury area such as Fritwell, Finmere and Somerton have already reduced their default speed limits from 30mph to 20mph.