An ‘Act Against Genocide’ in Gaza petition has amassed over 1500 student, staff and alumni signatures and been delivered in-person to the Oxford University vice-chancellor.

The petition, which at the time of delivery had 1550 signatures, calls for the University to release a public statement ‘communicating a moral stand against Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza’.

It is co-authored by the Oxford Palestine Society and Rhodes Scholars for Palestine, ‘in conversation with the broader Palestine solidarity movement at Oxford’.

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Co-author and Rhodes Scholars for Palestine member, Joumana Talhouk, told the Oxford Mail: “We know that Oxford University has a powerful influence on public opinion.

“Hopefully it can take a stand unequivocally against violence and occupation which are the root cause of the conflict.

“There should not be a debate over the fact that human life matters regardless of nationality.

“What we’ve been seeing from Oxford University are wishy washy positions which see violence as an abstract thing.

“There’s been no mention of the word Palestine in any statement that’s gone out.”

Signatories of the petition include current students, faculty members, staff members and alumni.

Ms Talhouk said that the University office had responded promptly and a meeting was in the process of being arranged.

Witney Gazette: The petition was delivered in-person to the vice-chancellor.The petition was delivered in-person to the vice-chancellor. (Image: Contribution)

The petition can be viewed here in full: University of Oxford Petition: ACT AGAINST GENOCIDE (

It follows an escalation of conflict in occupied Gaza after a Hamas attack killed over 1400 Israelis and a subsequent Israeli bombing campaign and total blockade led to the deaths of at least 4000 Palestinians.

Responding to ‘recent events in Israel, Gaza and the Middle East’, the University of Oxford said in a statement: “The impact of the appalling attacks by Hamas, and the deep concerns for the civilian Palestinian population and hostages in Gaza itself are understandably being felt by communities across the world, including in our own.

“Our thoughts are with all those suffering and we stress that there is no place for antisemitism, Islamophobia or hate for any faith in Oxford.”

The newly founded Oxford Israel Society thanked the Vice-Chancellor and University of Oxford in a public social media post for its statement ‘condemning Hamas’ appalling attacks'.

It also said: “Less than two weeks ago, Hamas perpetrated one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in history.

“Civilian death is a goal of Hamas, not Israel, and we urge those demonstrating not to aid the propaganda of Hamas, and consequently their goals.”

A Modern Middle Eastern Studies student and committee member of the Oxford Palestine Society, Adam Abdulla, 26, said: “What we are seeing right now in the sheer amount of destruction and killing of Palestinians is unprecedented.

“I have never used the framework of genocide before because I didn’t think the colonial violence Israel perpetrated fit that definition, but I think now we are working within a different framework, given some of the comments made by Israeli governmental officials.

“A friend of mine lost thirty family members yesterday.

“As Palestinians we feel incredibly anxious all the time.

“You also have to deal with survivors’ guilt.”