Jeremy Clarkson has shared a farmer's response criticising a Channel 4 programme pushing  “make beef the new smoking”.

The Big British Beef Battle aired on Channel 4 on Friday 1 December and called on the public to eat chicken instead of beef as part of an effort to curb climate change, insisting the “climate cost of beef is the highest of any foodstuff”.

Presented by Ade Adepitan, the programme has been lambasted by farmers and others in the agriculture sector.

Although Diddly Squat Farm owner Clarkson did not directly respond, he did share a YouTube video from Harry's Farm, which claimed "Uk beef farmers are under attack".

He also said: "British (and Irish) beef farmers should be celebrated in this country; the UK enjoys almost perfect growing conditions for raising grass-fed beef yet the UK media constantly blame farmers for climate change.

"In this video, I explain why this is and why the recent Channel 4 documentary titled The Big British Beef Battle got it so spectacularly wrong."

The programme received a one-star review from The Guardian, with TV critic Lucy Mangan describing it as “stupid, shouty, and patronising”.

Tony Goodger, spokesman for the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers added: “When the programme in question is described by The Guardian as ‘shoddy’ and an ‘insult’, I can only conclude that a period of absence from our TV screens resulted in the presenter, Ade Adepitan, taking Channel 4’s cue to act as their patsy in a conversation about beef farming and climate change, about which he clearly knows little.

“Give somebody a megaphone and you can almost guarantee that they will make a fool of themselves.”

Clarkson's Farm

Jeremy is known for being the owner of Diddly Squat Farm that features on the beloved Clarkson's Farm. Clarkson confirmed last week that the show has been renewed.

Posting on its X account, formerly known as Twitter, Amazon Prime said: "It’s been three series and we still cannot make the sheep collaborate four a simple announcement."

Some confused fans sought clarification: "So is this an announcement that series four has been commissioned or have we all missed series three?", one user asked.

"The first one," Amazon replied.

Fozia Khan, Amazon Studios’ head of unscripted in the UK, said producer Expectation was about to begin shooting season four “very soon.” Season three has wrapped and will stream next year.

Mr Clarkson posted a video on Instagram echoing Khan’s comments. “The fourth series of Clarkson’s Farm is coming,” he said.