The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Thames Valley has described an individual arrested for sexual offences earlier this week as “male” in contradiction to an official police statement.

On Thursday (February 8) Thames Valley Police confirmed that an incident had occurred on Wednesday evening (February 7) near Witan Way in Witney.

In a statement released today (Sunday, February 11), PCC Matthew Barber said: “I am concerned by the description of the individual, Osareen Omoruyi, as a woman.

“Thames Valley Police have, mistakenly in my view, relied on the ”self-described gender” in publishing a press release that incorrectly states that a woman has been charged with these offences.

“My understanding is that magistrates in Oxford have quite rightly remanded Omoruyi to a male prison."

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A statement issued by Thames Valley Police on Friday (February 9) said: “A woman has been charged in connection with sexual offences in Witney.

“Osareen Omoruyi, aged 51, of Ducklington Lane, Witney, was charged today (9/2) with two counts each of sexual assault by penetration and causing/ inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.”

Omoruyi appeared before magistrates yesterday (February 10).

Mr Barber also said in his statement: “The police and other criminal justice agencies must deal in facts, as best evidenced to them at the time.

“In my view it was clearly wrong to describe the suspect as a woman. It is important that the public, and possibly other victims have a clear understanding of the facts.

“The accused in this case, Osareen Omoruyi, is a 51-year-old male.”

Thames Valley Police has released a subsequent comment in light of Mr Barber's earlier statement on Sunday (February 11). 

It reads: "TVP is aware some public concern has been shared on social media following the publication of our charge release on Friday (9/2) in relation to a sexual offences investigation in Witney.

"Thames Valley Police adheres to the law and the codes of practice, including the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) Code C, when establishing the gender of a person in our custody.

"The individual identified as a female and the officers treated them as such in accordance with College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice, which outlines that officers should treat the person according to their stated preference.

"Consequently, our charge press release that was published reflected this position.

"The Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber has raised concerns about the press release and his comments are being carefully considered and reviewed by the force.

"We thank the PCC for his acknowledgement of the force’s exemplary response in this investigation, including the rapid response to safeguard the victim and the charge and remand of the suspect."