Confidence in police has been shaken after a spate of court cases and incidents involving officers, law enforcement officials said.

In the past six months the trial of a man accused of assaulting an officer collapsed, two officers have been in court, another officer was jailed and an investigation found officers had mocked an assault victim in a bodycam video.

Craig O’Leary, chairman of Thames Valley Police Federation, said: "Doubtless some of these cases will have an impact on trust and confidence with certain sections of the public.

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"However, I see day in and day out the positive affect that our officers have in our communities and am confident that they hold the trust and confidence of the vast majority of the public in the Thames Valley."

Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber has offered reassurance to the community on the back of multiple incidents involving officers. 

He said: “I know that any incidents such as this can damage confidence in policing, but I would like to reassure residents that the majority of officers are working hard and carry out their duties diligently to keep communities safe.

“I remain confident that the majority of our officers are working hard to prevent and tackle crime.”

One case involving an officer fell through at Oxford Crown Court earlier this year. 

Police intervened after Connor Fagan, now 21, got into a fight on a night out in Oxford with friends in 2021.

He was not arrested at the scene, but later charged with assaulting an emergency worker after an officer alleged Mr Fagan had caused injuries to his face and knee.

However, the trial at Oxford Crown Court collapsed after two days.

Mr Fagan's mother, from Middle Barton near Woodstock, said: “I have absolutely zero confidence in the police. I think it’s corrupt. 

"In light of the media coverage they’ve recently been exposed to I think we’re not safe as a community any more."

She said the family are still paying off the £28,000 loan they were forced to take out to prove their son’s innocence, adding that officers treated Connor like "a mad animal" and watching the police bodycam video "was the most upsetting thing I have ever seen".

Thames Valley Police could not comment on why the case was dismissed.

Earlier this year PC Lewis Cave, 29, was charged with three counts of battery and one count of threatening violence to secure entry. PC Lewis Cave's case is still pending. He is due to appear in court in June. 

Also in January, PC Charlotte Morris, 23, was convicted of driving without due care and attention. 

And a BBC investigation found three Thames Valley PCs made "sickening" comments about an assault victim while watching body-worn video showing her groin.

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None of the officers faced a misconduct hearing, but a student officer who reported them was later dismissed.

Thames Valley Police has since reported the case for independent scrutiny.

And last October former PC Luke Horner was sentenced to six years and four months in prison after admitting penetrative sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl.