These are some of the most notorious locations around Oxfordshire area used for dogging, according to advertising meet-ups.

Dogging became popular in 2003 when couples could arrange meetings conveniently on the internet.

During and after the pandemic, the activity increased following lessened restrictions.

Dogging is not banned under a specific law in the UK, but people who get caught can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 with public lewdness and indecent exposure.

The term means to have or observe exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outside, where other people will watch and sometimes join in.

Websites such as '' have listed locations around the Oxfordshire area which have been used for dogging, and are ones you might want to avoid late at night.

If you want to report meet-ups or avoid them altogether, below are just some of the spots listed by the adult website

  1. North Leigh common layby
  2. Besselsleigh - 'near the A420 junction'
  3. Adderbury - 'layby after the golf club'
  4. Minster Lovell ‘near the bridge’
  5. Shotover Country Park – ‘the Wheatley end’
  6. Cholsey layby – between Wallingford and Moulsford
  7. Just outside Drayton village
  8. Banbury – car park near M40/reservoir  
  9. Sandford Lane, Kennington – on Thames Path towards Abingdon
  10. Witney, Range Road
  11. Wittenham Clumps
  12. Uffington White Horse

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The etiquette of dogging: 14 rules

According to various media publications, these are the 'rules' of dogging.

1. You have to wear a condom, to prevent any STDs or unwanted pregnancies. It's even advised to take a box to share around with fellow doggers.

2. Do not 'dog' in front of children or unsuspecting passers-by.

3. Refrain from disturbing the peace or attracting attention.

4. Anonymity is key. No one should reveal the identity of other doggers and you should create a dogging name to protect your identity.

5. Do not destroy public property or trespass on private property.

6. All condoms and rubbish should be collected and discarded of in a bin.

7. Legal driving and parking should always be practised.

8. Agree on a signal or safe word in case one of you wants to stop.

9. It is not generally accepted for a woman to turn up to a dogging location alone. It is advised that she takes a man she trusts with her to protect her interests.

10. Steer clear of areas known for prostitution and drug dealing.

11. If watching, you should not touch unless verbally invited to do so.

12. If you're happy for people to watch flash your interior light. If you want the watchers to come closer or join in roll down your window.

13. Don't leave on headlights when arrived at the scene.

14. When finished, drive around for a bit or stop for food to make sure you're not being followed.

Sex in public

A 2016 survey revealed that 43 per cent of Brits admitted to getting it on in a public place.

The study conducted by the TV channel Alibi showed that it was the second most common crime, after speeding, which people admitted to having committed.

Some of those surveyed admitted they have sex in a public place weekly.

Dogging, sex in public, watched by others is not illegal in itself but it can be if another person sees the act.