A VEHICLE salesman has been accused of changing the mileage figures in cars before selling them.

Grzegorz Seczwokski, of Farm Close, Abingdon, has been charged with one count of ‘carry on business of company with intent to defraud creditors, for other fraudulent purpose’.

The 39-year-old appeared at Oxford Crown Court on Thursday (March 14) where it was heard that between September 22, 2021 and October 29, 2022 he is accused of offering vehicles for sale with fake mileage figures through the company GNA Car Sales Ltd.

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During the hearing, Seczwokski’s barrister explained the businessman would like to make an application to dismiss the charges.

The application will be discussed in court on May 10.

If rejected, a trial will take place at the same court on February 24 next year.