A BRAND new episode of the Oxford Mail's newest crime podcast is out now. 

The Oxfordshire Court and Crime Podcast, which was started by the paper last month, takes listeners behind the scenes of all the latest trials, sentences, and more taking place across Oxfordshire’s courts.

Following the murder trial of Jorge Martin Carreno, which saw 26-year-old Scarlet Blake jailed for life, the podcast has taken on a new two-week publishing schedule.

Witney Gazette:

Each new episode will focus on the biggest and latest trial heard in Oxfordshire as well as covering some highly-read sentences, plea hearings, inquests, and more.

The main focus of the newest episode released this weekend is the trial of Roy Summers, an 80-year-old from Witney jailed for several counts of historic child sex assault. 

Also discussed is the trial of Augustine Lopez, found guilty of stalking an Oxfordshire YouTuber, and a spiking trial which was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Witney Gazette: Roy SummersRoy Summers (Image: TVP)

To listen to the newest episode of the podcast, head to Apple, Spotify, and more. 

Listeners only need to search for 'The Oxfordshire Court and Crime Podcast'.

Have questions for the podcast? Email gee.harland@newsquest.co.uk with the subject heading 'Crime Podcast Question'.