Supermarket giant Sainsbury's is suffering technical issues with card payments leaving some customers struggling to find cash.

The store in Witney was having issues with contactless payments, Smart Shop handsets and phone payments and gift cards today (March 16).


Witney Gazette: Sainsbury's Witney

In Didcot contactless payments and Smart Shop were affected with payments only accepted with chip and pin or cash.

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One customer posted on Facebook: "Solidarity with the staff in Sainsbury's today!"

Another replied: "They’re doing a fabulous job staying patient and dealing with the massive inconvenience."

Customers have been contacting the supermarket on social media to report issues with their online orders.

Some said their delivery had not arrived. Others said they were due a delivery but had not received a confirmation and payment was not taken.

In a statement, Sainsbury's said: "Due to an error with an overnight software update, we are experiencing issues with contactless payments.

"All of our stores are open as usual today, accepting chip and pin and cash payments.

"Unfortunately, this also means we will not be able to deliver the vast majority of today's groceries online orders and we are currently unable to contact customers directly, but will contact them as soon as we can to rebook orders. "