A family-run sweet shop says new traffic measures are partly to blame for it closing its second site.

Sisters Kim Cook and Debbie Hackett announced on Facebook that they would be closing the Witney-based Shake Shop's second shop in Carterton.

The business opened in in Streatfield House, in Burford Road, in July 2019 after nearly a decade in Witney Market Square.

It was welcomed by Carterton residents as it was considered it would be an asset to the town.

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However, the sisters said traffic measures in Witney High Street as well as a change in family circumstances has meant they have to close.

In a post on The Shake Shop's Facebook page, they said: "Due to changes in family circumstances and logistical problems transferring stock from the Witney High Street, due to the road closure, we have made the difficult decision not to renew the lease at our Carterton shop."

Most motor vehicles have been banned from High Street and Market Place in Witney since 2021.

At the same time the 30-minute short-stay parking bays in Market Square were converted to disabled parking spaces.

Last year Ms Hackett told the Oxford Mail the nearest designated loading area was now half a mile away and deliveries were taking too long and harming business.

She and her sister had also received parking tickets while loading and unloading.

As a result of the article Oxfordshire County Council said it would look at converting some disabled parking spaces into loading bays.

Witney's Shake Shop, which employs around 15 staff, is a favourite with residents who love its milkshakes, sweets, smoothies and ice creams.

The sisters are well-known contributors to many community events including Witney in Pink.

When it opened a site in Carterton town council clerk Ron Spurs said: "We're very pleased they've come here because they make a contribution to the Witney community and they'll be doing the same here."

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Another Witney business Delice also opened its second branch in Carterton at the same time and is thriving.

Ms Cook and Ms Hackett continued in the post: "We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Carterton community and thank each and every one of you for your support."

They added they are now looking for a buyer for the fixtures and fittings and goodwill side of the "lovely, profitable, little business" for the remaining lease and potentially subsequent new lease on the shop.

"The landlord is fair and community and small business minded," they said.