The new trailer for Clarkson’s Farm has dropped as Jeremy Clarkson returns for the third series of the hit show based at Diddly Squat Farm.

The trailer for the Prime Video season starts with bad news as the farm in Chadlington is served an enforcement notice putting them “back at square one'”.

Mr Clarkson tells the group to “cease use of any part of the land as a restaurant or café”, bringing farm restaurant plans to a halt.

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Kaleb Cooper is also seen getting a promotion to farm manager, something Mr Clarkson turns into a competition.

He suggests: “Why don't we make it a competition, who can make the most money, me out of unfarmed land or you out of farmed land?”

Mr Clarkson also announces his next idea, which is bringing pigs to the farm.

He says: "I've got a new thing, pigs. It will be fun to have little piglets running around."

The trailer shows Lisa Hogan, Mr Clarkson’s girlfriend, is left in floods of tears at the sight of a baby piglet who’s been born extremely weak while the farm also welcomes baby goats.

Being surrounded by pigs also provided its challenges as one scene shows Mr Clarkson emptying his pockets to discover it’s filled with pig vomit.

The former Top Gear star also risks upsetting locals in the area after a stuck digger on the farm threatens to flood Chadlington.

Charlie Ireland, nicknamed Cheerful Charlie, says: "If this goes wrong, the only part of Chadlington that quite likes you, you're going to flood."

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In another of the show's scenes, pair Mr Clarkson and Mr Cooper discuss the celebrities who have left London behind to move to the countryside.

Mr Clarkson said: "All of the people moving out of London, Cowell, Beckham, Natalie Imbruglia, Amanda Holden..."

Mr Cooper responds: ”We can sell hay for their horses.”

Elsewhere, Mr Coopers suffers a nasty injury while trying out a new machine which he is attached to using a harness.

Mr Clarkson bolts from his digger to help, but once he discovers he is Ok, he says: 'This health and safety equipment, we've got to get rid of it, it's really injuring people.'

The trailer finishes with Mr Cooper meeting prime minister Rishi Sunak to discuss the state of farming in the UK. 

Part one (episodes 1-4) will launch 3 May, followed by part two (episodes 5-8) launching on May 10.

All episodes will be available in more than 240 countries and territories on Prime Video.