There will be seven seats up for grabs in Oxfordshire for the July General Election and here is a full run-down of the candidates in each constituency.

Votes are set to be counted overnight with the polls opening at 7am and closing at 10pm on election day - July 4 - with results due into the following day. 

You can find the names of all candidates below which are ordered as they appear on the statement of persons nominated:

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Oxford East

Benjamin Adams - Social Democratic Party

Amir Steve Ali - Independent

Louise Brown - The Conservative Party Candidate

Sushila Dhall - Green Party

Anneliese Dodds - Labour and Co-operative Party

Brandon Luke French - Workers Revolutionary Party

David Henwood - Independent Oxford Alliance

Theodore Ernest Jupp - Liberal Democrat

Katherine Mary Longthorp - Party of Women

Zaid Marham - Workers Party

Jabu Nala-Hartley - Independent

Andrew Smith - Rejoin EU

Oxford Town Hall.Oxford Town Hall. (Image: Ed Nix)

Oxford West & Abingdon

Anni Byard - Social Democratic Party

Chris Goodall - Green Party

James Gunn - Reform UK

Layla Michelle Moran - Liberal Democrat

Josh Phillips - Independent

Vinay Raniga - The Conservative Party Candidate

Ian Oliver Michael Shelley - Christian Peoples Alliance

Stephen Edwin Dominic Webb - Labour Party



Liz Adams - Liberal Democrat

Arron John Baker - The Green Party

Cassi Bellingham - Independent

Chris Nevile - Climate Party

Victoria Prentis - The Conservative Party Candidate

Declan Sam Soper - Social Democratic Party

Paul Nicholas Topley - Reform UK

Sean Lee Woodcock - Labour Party

Banbury.Banbury. (Image: Experience Oxfordshire)

Bicester & Woodstock

Tim Funnell - Social Democratic Party

Rupert Harrison - The Conservative Party Candidate

Ian Michael Middleton - The Green Party

Calum Alexander Miller - Liberal Democrat

Veronica Oakeshott - Labour Party

Augustine Obodo - Reform UK


Didcot & Wantage

Steve Beatty - Reform UK

Sam Casey-Rerhaye - The Green Party

Olly Glover - Liberal Democrat

David Mervyn Johnston - The Conservative Party Candidate

Mocky Khan - Labour Party

Kyn Pomlett - Social Democratic Party

Witney Gazette: Didcot.Didcot. (Image: David Fleming)

Henley & Thame

David Carpin - Independent

Nanda Manley-Browne - Labour Party

Caroline Anne Newton - The Conservative Party Candidate

Maryse Pomlett - Social Democratic Party

Jo Robb - The Green Party

Peter Shields - Reform UK

Freddie Van Mierlo - Liberal Democrats



Robert Alexander Courts - The Conservative Party Candidate

David Roy Cox - Heritage Party - Free Speech and Liberty

Barry Ingleton - Independent

Richard Andrew Langridge - Reform UK

Charles Adrian Maynard - Liberal Democrat

Andrew Peter Prosser - Green Party

Antonio Eduardo Weiss - Labour Party

Witney Gazette: Witney.Witney. (Image: Oxford Mail)

You must register to vote by 11.59pm on June 18 if you aren't registered already and ensure you bring the relevant photo ID (that includes you Boris!) when casting your decision.