A GRANDMOTHER has had her first tattoo at the age of 60 to raise money for charity.

When Jane Barefield, of Pinsley Road, Long Hanborough, discovered her sister, Shirley New, had cancer of the pancreas in July, the grandmother-of-four wanted to do something to help.

Her son, Stewart Barefield, 38, who has tattoos himself, suggested a sponsored piece of body art.

Mrs Barefield said: “Before, I would never have had a tattoo.

“I am 60, and I would have said no way would I have a tattoo. But I thought it would be a very good idea as people would sponsor me for that.

“A lot of young people have sponsored me.

“Where normally people would say they are not interested, people got into the spirit of it.”

The shop assistant, who works at Long Hanborough’s Co-op, had a purple ribbon — a symbol of pancreatic cancer — tattooed on her back at Evolution Tattoos, in Abingdon.

The parlour donated the tattoo free.

She has raised more than £1,600 for Sobell House.

Mrs Barefield, who also has a daughter, Vicky Horne, 41, said: “I asked my sister what she thought of the idea, and asked her where she wanted the money to go to.

“When you see people who are suffering with cancer, they are so brave, it makes you feel humble.”

It took 40 minutes for Mrs Barefield to have the one-inch tattoo.

She said: “I almost passed out.

“My son came with me and held my hand as I didn’t know what to expect.

“I feel pleased with myself, it’s something positive to do, and my sister was so pleased when I told her I had raised all that money.

“My granddaughters have said they are really proud of me, and that it is really cool.”

Mrs Barefield added: “Everybody has said I might get the bug for tattoos, but this is my first and last.”

To sponsor Mrs Barefield, please visit her in the Co-op, in Main Road, from Monday to Thursday, during the afternoons.