RESIDENTS are fighting plans to build a housing estate on woodland near their homes.

A2Dominion has been consulted with local people over plans to develop land off Shilton Road.

The developer already has outline planning permission, and wants to build 63 homes.

Elaine Riding, 42, of Scholars Acre, Carterton, lives opposite the proposed development.

She said: “Our house will front the development, which we will see from our sitting room and bedroom windows.

“When we moved to the house 14 years ago, we were delighted to enjoy the benefits of wildlife living on the land off Shilton Road and Burford Road. Last year, we were horrified to see that the landowner had cut down almost all of the trees. Since then, there has been a marked reduction in the number of songbirds, no owls heard or sighted, no hedgehogs, and no woodpeckers. We are convinced that this is not a coincidence.

“Subsequently, we can now hear traffic noise from Burford Road, which we couldn’t before. If the plan is approved, we will be overlooked by houses closer to our home, and there will no doubt be an increase in noise.”

Neighbour Sarah Bagshaw, 41, added: “It’s a ridiculous to put so many houses on such a small area.”

Sue Allen, of Shilton Road, said: “The lane is too narrow, as there aren’t any pavements and it will be dangerous. I think it’s just far too dense. The cars from houses will just spill out into the road.”

Carterton Town Council has also objected to the plans.

Town clerk, Janet Eustace, said: “The town council has already commented on the plans, we had a number of concerns.”

Gerry Walker, A2Dominion’s development director for the south east, issued the following statement: “We have invited local residents to attend an exhibition of our plans at Carterton town hall.

“We have submitted a transport statement, with our planning application, which was carried out on behalf of A2Dominion by a consultant. The statement concluded the development would not have an adverse impact on the adjacent road. The number of the homes proposed for the site is at the lower end of Government planning guidance.”

The town council asked for traffic calming measures from the development into Shilton Road, and wanted to make sure that there was access for emergency and service vehicles.

Councillors also expressed concerns of land slip, as the houses would be built on an old quarry, and reiterated residents’ worries that they will lose their view as two-storey houses will be built next to the existing bungalows.