A lost episode of Morecambe and Wise is set to air on BBC Two on Christmas Day this year.

This was made possible through Eric Morecambe's son discovering a copy of the episode in his attic.

Dating from 1970, the 45-minute show was the comedy duo’s first for BBC One and dates from October that year after they moved from BBC Two.

Gary Morecambe discovered seven canisters in the attic of his mother’s house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, while searching for old scripts last year.

His agent sent them off to be examined by experts who found they contained film.

Witney Gazette: Morecambe and Wise (PA)Morecambe and Wise (PA)

Speaking to BBC News he said: "Six of them had virtually nothing of interest on them, and then the last one, which had part of a BBC sticker on it, had a show which had been presumed as lost.

"But I didn't realise at that point how far the BBC would go to present it, that it would then get colourised, which is fantastic, so it's been brought bang up to date.

"And also what's really good is the quality of the show itself, you can see the embryonic Morecambe and Wise come through," he added.

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise were one of Britain's most popular comedy duos, particularly in their 1970s heyday when they pulled in more than 20 million viewers a week on their show.

The lost episode will air on BBC Two at 7.45pm on Christmas Day.

It will be preceded at 7pm by the pair’s 1971 Christmas show, featuring Andre Previn, Glenda Jackson and Dame Shirley Bassey.