Ben Fogle has spoken about the moment he nearly died after being hit by a car outside his home while on Good Morning Britain (GMB).

Fogle has appeared on a range of his own TV shows including New Lives in the Wild and Lost Worlds.

He has travelled around the world as part of these various series and has even climbed Mount Everest.

But speaking to Ed Balls and Kate Garraway on GMB on Thursday (April 18), he said it was an incident closer to home that nearly killed him.

Ben Fogle reveals the moment he "nearly died" on GMB

The TV presenter has travelled around the world and survived frostbite, flesh-eating diseases and even climbing Mount Everest.

But it was a van travelling around a blind bend on a country road near his home which he explained was the "very, very close call" that nearly ended his life.

Fogle said he was out running with his dog when a van came speeding around a blind turn and stopped just in front of him. 

He said: "I don't want to be too dramatic about it, but it really was a very, very close call. And it's one if many."

Fogle is campaigning to have the speed limit on rural roads across the UK reduced, starting with his local village.

Talking to Balls and Garraway on GMB he said he has spoken to his local government but they didn't see a problem with the speed limit on the country lanes near where he lives as there hadn't been enough crashes reported due to speeding that warranted a change.

Fogle said: "We use the road as a pavement. It's out pavement. So cars can drive 6Omph on my pavement.


He added: "I want to live in a place where we fell safe walking from house to house.

"We moved to the countryside so we could walk from house to house. I don't want put them in a car, the whole point is being outside.

"But I feel like an irresponsible father letting my children walk along our pavement."