Witney in Pink Day is a huge event on the town’s calendar and it’s incredible that year-on-year the community rallies together to support causes close to their hearts.

The efforts of fundraisers like Pink Day organiser Jeanne Chattoe are not only inspiring but serve as a reminder to all of us of the sheer determination of those continually fighting to find a cure for a disease taking too many lives each year.

But while we are constantly told researchers are one step closer to curing cancer, events like Witney in Pink Day are crucial to ensuring that becomes a reality.

We must not forget the volunteers and all those behind the scenes who selflessly dedicate hours of their time each week to support their community.

The time they devote is vital and while many often steer away from the limelight, their help is always very much appreciated.

Sparing an hour here or there each week could massively benefit the cause.

If volunteers do not come forward, the work of volunteers like Mrs Chattoe and her team might be in vain.