For any victim of rape or sexual abuse, coming forward to the authorities requires tremendous bravery.

It is encouraging if more victims now feel they have the confidence needed. But Town Mayor Jeanette Baker rightly points out that it is also the responsibility of the police and social services to provide proper support throughout the process.

In Oxfordshire over the last few years, there has been a keenly-felt need for a change in culture around victim support, after the Bullfinch scandal came to light in Oxford.

Nationally, revelations around Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris for example has forced people to ask questions about why horrific crimes went undetected for so long.

New crime figures show that in West Oxfordshire the number of rape cases increased from 26 in 2013/14 to 44 in 2014/15.

If that increase is – as Thames Valley Police has said – down to greater confidence among victims o report rapes, it must be met with ever-increasing understanding and compassion for them.