THE number of women who suffer abuse and the hands of their husband or partner remains shockingly high.

So the news that a new support group could be on the way to help survivors of domestic abuse should be welcomed by everyone.

Victims of this heinous crime often end up feeling that they are isolated and have nowhere to turn to.

The nature of domestic abuse also means it completely destroys the self-worth of victims.

A place where they can talk to other survivors is therefore crucially important.

Such a group in Witney would help survivors but it would also have a positive knock-on effect on society more widely.

By helping them to come to terms with the abuse they have suffered, it will be able to help women play a more active role in community life and within their families.

As has been pointed out, it will also hopefully stop them from returning to abusive partners and the dreadful consequences that would have.

The group deserves support and funding as widely as possible.

It is imperative that it gets up and running as soon as possible, and it is likely that the people of West Oxfordshire as well as organisations and businesses in the area will do all they can to make this a reality.

It will be of great benefit to everyone if the group gets off the ground.