Sir, At first glance, David Cameron's pledge to allow a free vote by MP's on the fox hunting ban doesn't seem significant, at least compared with an illegal invasion of Iraq for American and British oil interests, which incidentally he has not spoken out against.

But it is significant - it demonstrates clearly that he is prepared to ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the public in this country.

Tax cuts for the rich, the abolishment of the minimum wage? Perhaps it won't just be a ban on fox hunting that's not working, but also four million Britons.

Mr Cameron claims the foxhunting ban isn't working anyway, but that begs the question - if the ban isn't working, why waste valuable Parliamentary time revoking it?

In my opinion, the ban has proved conclusively that fox hunting isn't necessary, and is simply a form of legalised cruelty. The best action to take would be to make the fox a protected species, just like the badger. I'm pleased to say that both are regular visitors to my garden at night, and both make perfect 'recyclerers', not a single ounce of waste food goes into my wheelie bin, and has gone entirely by the next morning.

R Lee, Burford Road, Witney