Sir – It is always tragic to hear about schoolchildren who take their own lives (Witney Gazette, November 25).

A girl hanged herself in Chadlington woodland after leaving unheeded warning text messages.

She described herself as “insignificant”. This is a direct reflection of the education system, since tests, the syllabus, the school, teachers, and school subjects are all deemed extremely important by our education system; but Jenny Fry was not deemed at all important.

She therefore described herself as an insignificant number, a blip in the universe, and hanged herself.

As a trainer in thinking skills, since 1999, I am rewarded by young people who improve their self esteem as a result of thinking skills training.

Schools know that these essential Edward de Bono skills are available, but still refuse to admit their necessity into the school syllabus.

Dennis Perrin
Vale Road