SIR – Recently in Witney I witnessed a gentleman falling over. I retrieved his belongings while someone picked him up.

Twenty minutes later my mobility walker hit an uneven paving slab which pitched me into a raised drain. My walker was overturned, I fell over and sustained a possible double break to my arm.

I am now faced with a trip to the John Radcliffe Hospital’s fracture clinic and praying the break is only one not two, as indicated by the X-ray. Thank you to the couple who retrieved me, my walker, shopping, hearing aid and dignity. Pavements 2 Pedestrians 0.

Someone is going to be badly hurt if these dratted pavements are not fixed pronto!

I am just regaining myself after a stroke. Fortunately, no damage to my walker but I was not so lucky. Six weeks in plaster coming up. Oh joy! Thanks pavements!

Thanks again to my “picker uppers”. And to Bill for running me to the JR and the minor injuries unit.

Minster Lovell