SIR – I am given to wonder exactly what our local MP is doing these days and in whose interests he is focused on.

For 15 years now the residents of West Oxfordshire have put their trust and faith in him to represent our interests in parliament, but Mr Cameron seems more and more out of touch and completely unaware of the damage his government is causing to his own constituents.

The savage cuts he is forcing on communities could leave us without local and rural bus services, all our children’s centres forced to close and adult day centres shut for good.

How does Mr Cameron expect Oxfordshire to manage its key essential services while cutting £361 million from their budget?

He has also dramatically cut the funding to our police and is systematically destroying our National Health Service by selling it off piece by piece and waging a war on doctors and NHS staff who are desperately campaigning to protect it. It’s not as if he’s been able to pass on the savings to reduce Britain’s ever increasing debt.

According to the Treasury’s own figures, the UK’s national debt has more than doubled since Mr Cameron became prime minister. He has already said he won’t seek a third term at No.10, so I urge him to think seriously about what legacy he wants to leave and to remember that he wouldn’t have got to where he is now without the people of West Oxfordshire.

So please Mr Cameron, don’t turn your back on us.

Drew Carter
Burford Road