Sir – Whilst appreciating that the West Oxfordshire District Council’s policy of free parking is popular with many residents and traders I feel quite strongly that the cabinet member for car parking and transport, David Harvey, was misguided to say in a recent press release when referring to the district-wide consultation exercise “our policy of free parking will continue”.

Surely this is contrary to the spirit of open and unprejudiced consultation with members of the community at large, all of whom may not share his views. I have written to him pointing out that, in my own response to the survey, I have suggested a nominal charge for car parking of just £1 per occasion. I believe this would be a useful revenue-raiser for the district whilst being affordable for everyone.

I have also written to our constituency MP, the Rt Hon David Cameron, suggesting that all pensioners could afford to pay £1 per bus journey as an alternative to completely free concessionary passes as a way of preventing the loss of at least some of our local bus services. At the time of writing I await his reply.

Brian Yoxall (Cllr)
Green Lane