Sir – As published in last week’s Witney Gazette we regret to announce that the March 2016 edition of the Carterton Community Magazine will be the last issue and for personal reasons we have decided to cease publication.

This year we celebrate the 40th year of its publication and the Editorial Committee has made the decision that this is an ideal time to close down. In 1976 the booklet was published to advertise classes at the then Adult Education Centre and the Allandale Youth House and it evolved through the work of many volunteers into a very successful town magazine.

We have done our job during those years of being the mouthpiece of the residents who want to publicise their trades by advertising, their clubs and organisations to inform and the church, schools and the Town Hall to note their activities.

Thank you to all Carterton residents in making this an excellent free town magazine and for the help of many volunteers who in all weathers, illness and infirmities, awkward letterboxes and unfriendly dogs delivered the town magazine to residents. Our grateful thanks to everybody.

Wendy Morgan, Margaret Millington, Chris Morgan and Fred Robertson
Editorial team at Carterton Community Magazine