Sir – I have read Brian Yoxall’s letter in last week’s Witney Gazette and would like to reply particularly with regard to Witney as that is where I live.

I am very concerned at his glib suggestion of a nominal charge of £1 for car parking for the following reasons which it seems he has not taken into account:

1) Cost of purchase and installing pay and display machines

2) Cost of emptying machines

3) Cost of administering and banking monies

4) Cost of maintaining machines and vandalism of them

So what happens when you charge?

1) The nominal charge of £1 increases to whatever to cover the above costs and to give profit

2) More cars park in the road for free in the already crowded streets near the town

3) Fewer people visit Witney and in consequence shops cease trading along with eateries

4) Witney then has boarded up shops and the town falls into decline

I am sure the above appertains to other towns in the West Oxfordshire area. So please think carefully before glibly saying charge £1 for parking – the consequences can be far reaching.

I would like to add that when friends from outside this area visit they ask to go shopping in Witney because they enjoy what is a lovely shopping centre with a large variety of shops. Please, Mr Yoxall, do not be the instigator of spoiling this.

Lynne Tanner
Ralegh Crescent