Sir – The letters of Conservative councillors (Witney Gazette, February 17 and 24) make it obvious that there is an ongoing campaign to rubbish Duncan Enright at any price, ahead of the May district elections.

However, the very many Witney folk who know Duncan appreciate his dedicated work and real achievements. They will know what to make of these tawdry and misleading attacks.

The ruling Conservative majority seems thoroughly self-satisfied. And yet, in spite of being responsible for housing in West Oxfordshire for years, housing here remains among the most expensive in Britain.

Very real hardship faces many who try to settle here, and many more cannot even think of it.

They, or the numbers of people trapped endlessly waiting for suitable housing, will not be impressed with these complacent Conservatives.

Witney desperately needs housing which is genuinely affordable. To help our Conservative council I will translate ‘affordable housing’: this means housing which ordinary people – people who are not well off – can afford, either for rent or to buy. Our Conservative council, though, seems to neither know nor care.

How nice it would be if fresh ideas and new approaches were welcomed, wherever they came from, but the Conservatives seem either unaware or unconcerned, and childishly defensive about this crisis.

Hugo Kerr
Vanner Road