A property expert has explained that this 'red flag' could be why you're struggling to sell your house.

Grimy bathrooms have been identified as a top buyer 'turn-off' since it affect the property's overall appeal.

Whether your house is already on the market or you're a buyer looking for advice before jumping on the property ladder, you've come to the right place.

A team of experts has shared some of its budget-friendly solutions to help secure that quicker sale.

Terry Fisher from We Buy Any Home has commented that a poorly maintained bathroom is one of the biggest dealbreakers for potential buyers. 

"First impressions matter,” the property pro stated.

He added: “Buyers are looking for a home that feels inviting and well-cared-for.

“A grimy bathroom not only affects the overall appeal but can make buyers question the overall upkeep of the property. It can be a real dealbreaker.”

The property expert has weighed in with some easy and budget-friendly tips to help you turn your bathroom into a selling point that stands out.

How to sell your house quickly by improving your bathroom

Covering gaps and imperfections

Terry recommends using waterproof sealant strips or grout fillers to cover gaps and imperfections.

You can find these readily available to buy on Amazon and they can be used to cover up any unsightly gaps or imperfections in your bathroom.

The expert explained that this "simple fix" can make a significant difference in presenting a polished and well-maintained space.

"Addressing small gaps and imperfections is like giving your bathroom a quick facelift,” Mr Fisher said.

“It creates a clean, cohesive look that appeals to potential buyers.”

Decluttering for a spacious feel

The property expert has pointed out that a clutter-free bathroom appears more spacious and inviting to sellers.

He recommended putting away personal items like shampoos, shower gels and toothbrushes in order to create a tidy, spa-like atmosphere.

"Decluttering is essential. Buyers want to envision themselves in the space and a clean, organised bathroom allows them to do just that," Mr Fisher said. 

Replacing dirty light cords

Dirty or discoloured light cords can be off-putting, Mr Fisher reminded sellers.

The property pro suggested replacing them with a new, clean cord to brighten up the bathroom and enhance its overall cleanliness.

You can find a replacement on Amazon for just £3.99.

Mr Fisher said: "Buyers notice the details. A fresh light cord not only improves lighting but also contributes to a positive impression.”

Baking soda for a sparkling clean

Sellers should also clean their bathroom surfaces with baking soda since this is an affordable and effective way to tackle stains and grime.

Scrubbing tiles, sinks and grout with a baking soda paste can leave your bathroom looking fresh and well-maintained.

"Baking soda is a homeowner's secret weapon. It's gentle, inexpensive and highly effective in bringing out the sparkle in your bathroom," Mr Fisher said.

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Spotless mirrors for a clear reflection

Mr Fisher urged sellers to not overlook the mirror since it's a focal point in any bathroom.

You should wipe away smudges and water spots for a spotless reflection that enhances the overall cleanliness of the space.

"Clean mirrors not only make the room brighter but also create a perception of cleanliness. It's a small effort with a big impact," the property expert added.

Mr Fisher concluded: “By investing time and minimal resources into these budget-friendly enhancements, you not only elevate your bathroom's appeal but also increase the overall desirability of your home on the market.”