A savvy shopper has shared eight beauty dupes available at Boots that could save you up to £250.

Deal hunter Eilish Stout-Cairns has recently shared her top picks from Boots of various budget-friendly alternatives of beloved luxury brands.

The switched-on consumer has rounded up eight beauty dupes for the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty, Benefit and more.

The member of the money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk, took to Instagram to post her finds.

The reel is already proving popular with users by amassing more than 400,000 views in 24 hours.

Eilish said: “If you love luxury beauty but don’t love the price tag, dupes are the way to go. Lots of affordable brands offer similar alternatives to your favourite pricey products.

"Boots is a great go-to when it comes to both high and lower end brands, so it’s well worth a look if you’re on a budget”.            

The deal hunter started off by sharing a dupe for the best-selling Charlotte Tilbury MagicCream.

She said: “The Revolution Pro Cream is a great alternative to the award winning Charlotte Tilbury cream.

"The real thing is an eye-watering £79 for the 50ml pot. Revolution’s is just £7.50, so it’s a fraction of the price”.

Moving on, Eilish said: “Boots has a Glow Essence Serum for £4.50 as part of their own brand skincare range. It’s a great alternative to Glow Recipe’s £33 serum."

“If you love the look of the Sol de Janeiro shower gel, but can’t face paying the £49 price tag”, she went on, “Treacle Moon’s Brazilian Ocean scent has a really similar scent for just £1.99 - such a bargain!”

A dupe for the popular Charlotte Tilbury Blush Wands, Eilish recommended: “Elf has the Halo Glow Wands in a couple of different shades for £9 each.

"I’d say that’s on the pricier side for Elf, a famously cheap brand. But, they’re great value compared to Charlotte Tilbury’s, which retail for £30 each”.

Then, Eilish showed a dupe for a popular mascara, saying “this Elf mascara is a dupe for Benefit’s Roller Lash. The Benefit mascara is £25.50 for the full size, whereas Elf’s is just £8”. 

Next up was a dupe for Rihanna’s beauty brand, Fenty.

She said: “Collection’s contour sticks are a dupe for the Fenty March Stix, which retails for £26. If you opt for the Collection stick, you’ll pay just £4.99, so more than £20 less”.

Another bronzer next, Eilish said: “The w7 bronzer is a dupe for the famous Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

"Benefit’s box bronzer is one of their most iconic products and will set shoppers back £30. For a budget option, w7 is the way to go at just £4."

And, finishing with one more w7 make up dupe, Eilish said: “The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick is another one of their cult products, but it’s pricey at £27.

"For an affordable alternative, I recommend the w7 lipstick in shade Naked Desire. It’s a great option at just £3”.

Shopping the eight dupes over the luxury brands, you can save over £250.

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Tom Church, Co-Founder of money saving community LatestDeals.co.uk finished by adding: “Dupes are a fantastic way to get the look for less.

"The item won’t be exactly the same, with different formulas and packaging, but they provide shoppers on a budget a chance to achieve a similar effect for a fraction of the price. 

“Don’t forget to use your Boots Advantage Card to collect points on your shopping, and check to see if you have any offers to get the dupes for even cheaper.

"You can often get discounts on Boots own brand skincare, for example. You’ll just need to load any relevant offers onto your Advantage Card in the app."